Be enthusiastic about science.  Your interest and excitement will spark your child's interest.

    Take advantage of your child's natural curiosity about things.

    Stimulate your child to make use of his 5 senses in discovering things around him.

    Examine different textures and materials

    Call attention to smells, sounds, tastes, weights and sizes of things.

    Encourage your child to observe the world around him.

    Teach your child to look carefully to see beyond the surface appearance of the environment.

    Have your child make predictions about what he thinks might happen next in any series of events.

    Help your child to make comparisons and draw conclusions about how things are alike or different.

    Ask many questions that cause your child to think and respond.

    Encourage your child to ask you questions.  When you don't know the answers, show your child how your find answers.

    Read factual books about things that interest your child.

    Watch and discuss television shows on the "Discovery Channel" together.

    Have your child sort and label his collection of things according to their characteristics.

    Visit local zoos, museums, aquariums, planetariums, hatcheries, airports, etc.

    Visit parks, forests, farms, nature areas, swamps, oceans, and lakes.

    Subcribe to age-appropriate science magazines.