Be positive about math.

    Let your child know that you think math is fun and important.

    Point out the ways different family members use math in their jobs.

    Sing counting songs with your child.

    Read math books with your child.

    Count everything with your child.

    Help your child put things into groups or sets of tens and ones.

    Help your child order sets from the largest to smallest and smallest to largest.

    Have your child show you a set that is more than/less than a given number (e.g., name a number that is more than 3.)

    Play games with license plates as you drive (e.g., add each of the numbers, read it as a number, etc.)

    Practice addition and subtraction facts.

    Have your child take a given number from a set and tell how many are left.

    Play guessing games with your child (e.g., I am thinking of a number between 1 and 100).

    Point out numbers in the environment (speed limit, prices).

    Find number words in signs (e.g., One Way, One Hour Laundry).

    Use before and after to describe the position of an object in a sequence.

    Identify the ordinal position of an object in a sequence such as first, second, third, etc.