• WC Tech Prep

    What is Tech Prep?

    Tech Prep is a federally funded program that includes a combination of, at a minimum, two years of secondary education and a minimum, of two years of postsecondary education in a sequential course of study.  The intent of Tech Prep is to provide the student with work place skill that will allow the individual to successfully enter the job market, the military of further education.  Tech Prep programs of study lead to an associate of a baccalaureate degree, or to a postsecondary certificate, in a specific career filed.  Under the auspices of a written articulation agreement, a student may receive benefit from a two-year postsecondary institution, a four-year postsecondary institution, or a labor or business organization for previous attainment of competencies at a lower-level school.  Tech Prep also includes in-service training for secondary teachers, postsecondary faculty, counselors, and administrators.  Special populations, have equal access to all Tech Prep programs of study.  Tech Prep encourages high skill attainment in both academic and technical areas, and the utilization of technology in the classroom.


    The Weatherford College Tech Prep Consortium service area consists of the following six counties:  Erath, Hood, Jack, Parker, Palo Pinto and Wise.  Each of the Independent School Districts within each of these counties has a current Tech Prep Articulation Agreement that states which programs and which courses will be articulated with Weatherford College.  To receive further information, see the Weatherford College Tech Prep Consortium Website at www.wctechprep.net


    Why is Tech Prep Needed?

    Many young people leave school without the knowledge required to find and keep a job.  Today’s employees require advanced technical skills due to rapidly changing and emerging technologies.


    A high school diploma is no longer sufficient for entry into the workplace.  On average, a person with an associate degree earns $6,000 more per year than a person with a high school diploma, and $15,000 more than a person without a high school diploma.


    Graduates without some type of workforce preparation will find it increasingly difficult to get and keep better paying jobs.  Likewise, most jobs that offer career growth, challenging duties and the opportunity to ear a good living require prior skills and knowledge.  This means you need to be able to apply what you have learned from your academic, technical, and information/communication courses to the work world.  Thus, the purpose of Tech Prep is to help you develop these skills.