• Pre-Kindergarten Classroom Rules and School Rules
    1. Talk quietly at appropriate times.
    2. Be courteous and respectful towards others.
    3. Follow classroom instructions.
    4. Use appropriate restroom manners.
    5. Walk quietly in hallway and follow hallway rules.
    6. Use appropriate cafeteria manners and follow cafeteria rules.
    7. Use appropriate playground manners and follow playground rules.
    8. Be respectful and courteous to all adults.
       GREEN     -   Thumbs Up!
      YELLOW    -   Oopsy! Warning
        *BLUE        -   Note to Parent
         *RED         -   Principal Comes to Visit
      *PURPLE     -   Student Goes to Office
    *You will see a note in your child's Monkey Buisness folder for rule(s) broken.